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So you have been researching and you know you want a radar detector. You decide to set your budget at $100 so you can buy a good radar detector and get yourself out of some tickets, right?


If you are limiting yourself to $100 on a radar detector, plan to pick up more grocery store doors than police radar guns. If you want a radar detector that will actually get you out of tickets, you will need to spend at least $300, and I am not exaggerating.

The Valentine One, for instance, retails at about $400 and it is worth every single penny.

What You Will Find Here

On my Valentine One site, I have all the information you need to do proper research and hopefully teach you why you should not be driving without a V1 detector. Here is a quick breakdown of the information you can find:

As I discover new information or videos, I will post it so you can always stay updated with the most current radar and laser defense technology!

Why Are “Good” Detectors So Expensive?

The answer is complex, but a basic response would be sensitivity. The more expensive radar detectors are much more sensitive to each specific band (including laser, or lidar), thus alert you MUCH sooner than a cheaper counterpart. I have personally witnessed this and it is completely true. I wouldn’t be sitting here explaining how awesome the V1 is if I didn’t have one and really believe in its effectiveness.

However, I have found research on a few detectors that do in fact rival the V1 in terms of KA detection, but have yet to find a detector more sensitive picking up laser.

I plan to post any of the research I find so you can make an informed decision before you buy a radar detector.

Learn more about the Valentine One radar detector, click here!

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Radar Detector Video

Valentine One vs. Passport Max

Learn more about the detectors in this video: Escort Passport Max | Valentine One

Radar Detector Info

One amazing feature about the Valentine One is that the face is angled slightly left (towards the driver) so even with a center windshield mount, you can easily see the notifications. After owning a V1 for 6+ months, however, you will learn the alert sounds and understand whether or not it is a real threat that you are being alerted about.