I cannot tell you how many people have their radar detector improperly mounted. Of course personal preference plays a role, but if you want the most effective and earliest warnings of active signals, there is actually a proper way to mount your detector.
Where To Mount Your Valentine One

Did you know that the Valentine One detector works best when mounted high on the windshield and also towards the center (near your rear-view mirror)?

Doing a proper high-and-center mount will achieve the following:

Front antenna will look forward, completely unobstructed for maximum protection. MAKE SURE you do not have the detector mounted behind your window tint band or your mirror or any other obstructions.

The rear antenna will look backward, completely unobstructed. a high-and-center mount will also allow passengers to sit in your car without blocking any of the potential signal coming to your detector.
Enhanced performance, specifically with laser alerts. With radar signals, you will notice alerts from further away with a high mount, and with laser, moving your detector away from the hood of your car will help alleviate false laser alarms from sun reflection.

It is important to note that the Valentine One has front AND back radar AND laser detection.

Additional Mounting Tips

When you buy a V1, you also have the option of a visor mount. I found this to be less than effective, however, because the detector is not as stationary, and cannot be mounted almost perfectly in the center (the visors are only above the driver and passenger).

Again, mounting is definitely personal preference, but if you would like maximum coverage, I would strongly suggest following these tips.

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Radar Detector Video

Valentine One vs. Passport Max

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Radar Detector Info

One amazing feature about the Valentine One is that the face is angled slightly left (towards the driver) so even with a center windshield mount, you can easily see the notifications. After owning a V1 for 6+ months, however, you will learn the alert sounds and understand whether or not it is a real threat that you are being alerted about.