As I have said before, I spent weeks researching videos, reading reviews, and even talking to current radar detector owners (none of whom had a V1) before I finally pulled the plug and bought my Valentine One. I generally spend plenty of time deciding whether or not I should make a purchase, so that alone should tell you something.

Type of Driving

One of the most important discussions I read was about the ‘type’ of driving you do. Some of the classifications may include:

  • Highway – 2-4 lanes, advanced warning extremely important
  • City – 1-2 lanes, many false alarms
  • Town – 1-2 lanes, many false alarms
  • Country – 1-2 lanes, few false alarms, advanced warning important

I separated city and town because I think of city driving more like in a large city, and town driving as in a smaller town. Either way, here are some of my experiences with the previous classifications.


 I originally purchased my V1 because I was going to be commuting about 80 miles/day, almost completely on the highway. It is a 2 lane highway, speed limit at 65MPH. I read that the V1 is second-to-none in terms of laser detection, and also many believe the best in KA-band detection.

While using the V1, I would typically detect KA-band on the highway upwards of 3 miles in front, and about 2 miles behind. If I was driving at speeds around 80-90MPH, that was WAY more than enough warning time to slow down. Surprisingly, I did not get shot THAT many times with laser, but when I did, I was able to decrease speed enough to avoid a ticket.


Since I always have my V1 in A or all-detection mode, it does pick up a lot of bogey signals from doors or other radar detectors and GPS navigators. I have never done much city driving, but the few times I have, the warning has been more than enough to decrease speed to the posted limit.


In my town, there are speed alert signs posted. Coming into town, my V1 displays alerts from over 2 miles away on the sign. So what, it’s a speed sign you say? With the interface on the V1, it also displays arrows and the number of signals it is picking up. Since the V1 is the ONLY detector with arrows and the number indicator, it is the ONLY detector that can avoid speed traps! Often times there are one or two police sitting in side-streets near the speed sign to pick off speeders that either do not have a detector, or do not have a V1.


I do some country driving, but I have found that cops are usually not gunning out on the country roads. However, I have picked up on-coming signal from officers that were driving towards me, but again, had plenty of time to slow down.

Overall Experiences

I am a happy Valentine One owner and recommend it to anybody that wants to buy one. Also, some of the people that I talked to BEFORE buying my V1 were current radar detector owners. After being with me and/or using my V1, they are trying to sell their current detector to buy a V1.

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Radar Detector Info

One amazing feature about the Valentine One is that the face is angled slightly left (towards the driver) so even with a center windshield mount, you can easily see the notifications. After owning a V1 for 6+ months, however, you will learn the alert sounds and understand whether or not it is a real threat that you are being alerted about.